Radon Mapper

Versatile monitor for radon and thoron


Radon Mapper was created for professionals in mitigation actions, where accuracy, rapid sampling and remote access are required. Our experience in the scintillation cell detectors field allowed us, together with our partner Tecnavia, to design a monitor equipped with the most advanced technologies for maximum versatility. Its detector is the same as the well-tested MR1 model, already used as a primary reference monitor in Italy in ENEA-INMRI radon chambers.


  • Radon surveys
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Mitigations
  • Radon in water and soil
  • Correlation studies


  • Radon in air passive or active sampling
  • Radon in water: 10 minutes sample analysis or continuous measurement
  • Radon in soil: active sampling probe
  • Thoron: automatic routine to assess both radon and thoron concentration

    Technical specifications

    Detector: Scintillation cell ZnS(Ag), 255 ml, 0.035 cpm/Bq/m3
    Range: from 5 to 3.000.000 Bq/m3
    Sensors: environmental, differential pressure, CO2, O2
    Memory: Internal memory card 4 GB (ten years dataset)
    Physical specifications (main unit): Dimensions 41 x 16 x 13 cm - Weight 3.5 kg

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