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august 2016


MI.AM will be as a sponsor in Prague at the 8th International Conference on protection against radon at home and at work al at 13th International Workshop GARRM (on the Geological Aspect of Radon Risk Mapping) The conference will be held at the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering (www.fjfi.cvut.cz) of the Czech Technical university (www.cvut.cz)
The address is FNSPE CTU, Brehová 7, 110 00, Prague 1.

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This is a stand-alone instrument where the radon level is read directly on a screen.

Canary gives you the possibility to read the average value for 1 day, for 7 days, and accumulative for the last year. Being battery powered, the monitor can easily be moved around the building, in order to get the full overview of the radon in the home, the workplace, the school or in the kindergarten. Compared to traditional technology, Canary makes it much easier to locate the radon entry in the buildings. If the radon level is above the national action level, you can easily read the effect of simple mitigation measures, before you may have to consider more comprehensive mitigation actions by professionals.


The CANARY pro is a real-time continuous digital radon-monitor for indoor

environment with the capability of data upload to computer. The CANARY

pro(s) data is uploaded to the computer via RF connection.

CANARY Report & Analyse (CRA) software allows the analysis, visualization

and reporting of the data uploaded.


MR1 PLUS Radon Monitor is a portable instrument for radon concentration measurement based on a scintillation cell detector. Applications are grab sampling, continuous measurement, radon sniffing. Both passive and active sampling are available. Several sampling methods and accessories allow  to perform radon gas analyses in soil, air, and water. 


Radon Mapper is a versatile instrument designed to implement radon detection, its quantitative measurement and mitigation. The unit is highly stable, maintenance free and suitable for a continuous radon monitoring campaign. Radon Mapper is ruggedly designed to withstand industrial and hostile environments. 


Femto-Tech CRM-510 is a portable instrument for measure of radon gas concentration in air, based on ionisation chamber. Sampling is passive by diffusion.


The Pylon AB6 Portable Radiation Monitor is the next generation laboratory-grade instrument for fast, accurate measurement of radon levels. Every bit as reliable as our previous monitors, the Pylon AB6 incorporates advanced technology and user-friendly features for enhanced performance and versatility. 

In addition to our proven photomultiplier tube (PMT) technology and multiple detector compatibility, new features include convenient USB interfaces, intuitive LCD touch screen technology, automated calculations, and user-calibration capability. 

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